Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - Real Traffic Stats

Fake Referer
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Hey Everybody!

This is rather a dull blog to make a simple test.  The idea behind the blog is to demonstrate real time web traffic stats and how can send web traffic from for any keyword, as well as demonstrate our ability to send real traffic to your site from social communities.

Checking Stats
Now that you've arrived at this stupid blog, please click here to see the stat results in real time.  The stats clearly show this blog is the number #1 ranked site on for high prolific keywords such as "Michael Jackson" and "President Obama".  Obviously, this blog has nothing to do with either of those individuals.

Nevertheless, I think we can all agree that's Analytics & are considered accepted "stat systems" to make these types of tests.  So this is really "What you see is what you get".

Case Study
I will be sending to this blog a lot of traffic from and Social Communities and publishing the results publicly. 

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